Designed to accommodate complex building geometry, the CURVATUЯ™ Cladding System dramatically advances current facade systems by incorporating modern manufacturing techniques, advanced software design and integrated software and fabrication systems, to improve accuracy and deliver complexity within reasonable cost and schedule parameters.


CURVATUЯ™ is both a system and a methodology:

As a system, it involves the selection of an appropriate cladding material partnered with a support structure fabricated from a combination of traditional materials and digitally manufactured components.

As a method, it involves the transfer of complex geometry from an Architect’s 3D model directly into digitally manufactured components, using the latest software and fabrication techniques. Then, using the same data, it allows for accurate installation in the field.

This hybrid of traditional and modern materials and techniques provides a new means of delivering complex panelized facades with improved accuracy and appearance.


CURVATUЯ™ offers the following advantages:

  • No visible fasteners on panel surfaces providing a clean uninterrupted appearance.
  • Highly accurate panel joints with little or no misalignment.
  • Precise conformance to building geometry.
  • Simplified support structures.
  • A lower cost relative to alternate means and methods.