Whenever possible, ELEMENT actively chooses American suppliers, manufacturers and fabricators for many reasons, not the least of which is the ability to maintain close control and oversight of the entire process.

When compared to the logistics of overseas sourcing, it is more efficient and less costly to travel and inspect domestic production facilities and materials, than it is to perform productivity and quality checks remotely.

Furthermore, production issues can be dealt with promptly, schedule issues can be addressed with back up capabilities that are often lacking overseas, language difficulties do not become obstacles to progress and work ethics, and business methods are far more closely aligned with U.S. expectations than is otherwise the case. Foreign time zones may also adversely impact the ability to promptly address issues, especially if an unexpected site condition dictates an immediate alteration to materials or delivery schedules.

There are a number of factors associated with overseas sourcing that carry adverse impacts to cost and schedule: crucially among these are the additional costs and risks of international shipping. Shipping always increases the likelihood of damage, and shipping internationally increases that further. The additional costs of insurance, and the added costs of remaking any products damaged in transit affects cost and schedule. By reducing the shipping time and distance, we decrease the possibility of further damage. Modern construction schedules do not allow time for products to be remade, and since many items supplied by ELEMENT are required close to project completion, it is critical these items arrive on site when needed.

Many companies believe that lower labor costs offset the issues mentioned, however the integrity of the delivery process is compromised with added risk.

ELEMENT works with its customers and U.S. based suppliers to combine smart design with the latest production technologies to bring cost effective solutions to the Construction industry.

By tightly controlling the process as well as the service and quality of materials in fabrication, we ensure we meet our Customers’ high expectations for quality and schedule.

In the end, our total installed cost is competitive and on some occasions, has been proven to be more cost effective than overseas sourcing.