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Challenges presented by geometrically complex medium scale architectural items such as entrance canopies, are effectively resolved with the CURVATUЯ™ system.

Divided into sub components to suit readily available material sizes, each constituent part presents it’s own unique geometry. This modular approach ensures the benefits of accurate shop assembly are retained while minimizing labor on site.

The CURVATUЯ™ system controls panel edges and utilizes “Direct to Fab” manufacturing techniques. Surface shapes are extracted from the designers’ model and the support structure is tailored precisely to the panel geometry at every edge.

Typical assemblies consist of industry standard structural components such as plate, extrusions and other structural shapes in a variety of different materials, all designed and engineered specifically for the project.

Combined with this traditional approach, the CURVATUЯ™ system adds modern software and manufacturing capabilities to produce accurate cladding components with high levels of precision at reasonable cost. Concealed fasteners and smooth panel surfaces in a wide variety of materials, provide accurate, complex, blemish free surfaces.