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Benjamin P. Grogan & Jerry L. Dove Building, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Miramar Florida

A key aspect of the design was a striking but complex sunshade system, comprised of bent, diagonal ribbons of perforated aluminum. Used primarily to lessen the use of artificial light in the building, the perforated sunshade system had to conform to the changing radii of the convex and concave curtainwall contour and meet some of the most stringent building codes in the U.S. in accommodating 140 mph (225 km/h) hurricane force winds.  Find out more …

VIA 57West
New York, New York

A recent addition to the iconic New York City skyline, this 35-story residential and commercial building in Manhattan features a dramatic 467 foot high (142m) sloping roof and fascia of angled windows and stainless steel panels.

ELEMENT provided the complex, uniquely shaped, stainless steel panels for the building’s steeply sloped west façade. When faced with the challenge of producing panels to conform to the three dimensional curved surface … Find out more

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures – Geffen Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Designed by the world-renowned Renzo Piano, the Museum will contain over 290,000 square feet of galleries, exhibition spaces, movie theaters, and special-event spaces. In addition to renovating the existing Saban Building, formerly known as the May Co. Building, a new, 42,300 square foot and six-and-a-half story, spherical structure will be built off the north façade, connected by pedestrian bridges.  Find out more …

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