Volkswagen North America

Numerous locations across the U.S.
Architect: Gensler
Contractor: Various

Project Overview:

As part of a global re-imaging campaign, Gensler were tasked with developing a new corporate identity for Volkswagen North America. Using the German Brand Development plan as a starting point, Gensler adjusted the design to suit the perceptions of the U.S. consumer, North American Dealer requirements and Corporate sponsorship of the program to ensure the Brand meshed with the market as effectively as possible.

Numerous site specific considerations drove the development of a design that complied with Head Office directives while at the same time addressing the numerous differing building codes across the United States. The new design introduced significant natural daylight into the showroom interior. Redesigned color schemes and Wordmarks, a broad range of new materials and a dramatic new facade offered a unique appearance that supported brand differentiation.

Part of the new design included a sunshade projecting from the upper roof. This system had initially been procured from another supplier and was constructed in a manner that did not allow for on site adjustments to accommodate field conditions. In order to address the delays and added costs faced by contractor as a result of this oversight, ELEMENT proactively redesigned the system to provide the capability for adjustment in the field. ELEMENTs’ concept eliminated the costly and untimely effects of having to refabricate fully welded assemblies or the need to request replacement parts from across the country. ELEMENTs’ system shipped in kitset form, further reducing shipping costs. The kitset approach also facilitated replacement of a part that was lost or damaged on site since kitset parts could be shipped by overnight courier.

Key Contribution by ELEMENT:

  • Materials: Aluminum extrusions.

ELEMENT Services:

  • Preliminary materials, manufacturing, engineering, scheduling and budget estimation
  • Presentation of options and solutions, including schedule, scope and budgeting aspects of various options
  • Engineering analysis, calculations and submittals
  • Scheduling and sequencing planning
  • Prototyping and Samples
  • Fabrication
  • Staging and Delivery