Louisiana Army National Guard
Multi Use Readiness Center & Aviation Support Facility

Hammond, Louisiana
Architect: Holly and Smith & Blitch Knevel
Contractor: Broadmoor Construction Co.

Project Overview:

After the advent of Hurricane Katrina, the Louisiana Army National Guard needed to relocate their headquarters further inland. The chosen location in Hammond, north of New Orleans, required a completely new building with updated and expanded facilities. As part of a competitive bid process, Broadmoor Construction prepared a proposal incorporating ELEMENTs’ concept for an innovative shading system. This design provided the ability to fold the shading structure back against the building in times of high winds, thus providing added protection to the windows and building facade. In its fully deployed position, the shade system provided significant solar protection and via an adjustable support system, the degree of shading could be manually adjusted if required. Complimentary shading components and matching decorative metalwork at the entry completed the package.

ELEMENT performed an initial engineering analysis of the concept and produced a half-scale mockup to demonstrate the principle as part of Broadmoors’ presentation to the client. The samples and mockup provided by ELEMENT added significantly to the completeness of the Broadmoor proposal and a contract was awarded thereafter. The shading system was provided in kitset form for rapid installation on site.

LEED Certification:
  • Given U.S. Army’s SPiRiT Gold rating, which is comparable to LEED certification
Key Contribution by ELEMENT:
  • Materials: Zinc sheet, aluminum, stainless steel.
ELEMENT Services:
  • Design Review
  • Preliminary materials, manufacturing, engineering, scheduling and budget estimation
  • Presentation of options and solutions, including schedule, scope and budgeting aspects of various options
  • Engineering analysis, calculations and submittals
  • 3D Modelling
  • Scheduling
  • Prototyping and Samples
  • Mockups for visual and performance testing
  • Fabrication
  • Just in Time Delivery
  • South Central Construction Best of 2010 Award of Excellence